About Us

     In 2014, restaurant server and poker player Tim Watts, aka TheTrooper97, packed all of his belongings into his car and made the journey from Jacksonville, Florida to Las Vegas, NV.  His intentions were made clear in his YouTube vlog... to move to Vegas to build something out of nothing.  His plan was to play poker and make YouTube videos about his new adventure in Vegas.  It was during his days living this new adventure that "The Trooper" wrote himself a note to remind him of the opportunity that each day offered... "Get up and go gamble." 

     As the YouTube subscribers grew, along with a newly enhanced passion for making videos, Trooper's note-to-self was shortened into a motto that took on a meaning that reached far beyond poker.  "Go Gamble" applies to everything in life.  If you want to do something, take the risk and go do it.  Don't wait until it's too late for anything other than regret.

From this motto, Go Gamble the brand was born.
Life's a Gamble.  Go Gamble.